The Joyless Street (1925)

imdb rating7.2Rotten Tomatoes rating75%
In 1921, in the poor part of Melchiorgasse, an Austrian town, Mrs. Greifer runs a fashion boutique and a nightclub. Annexed to the nightclub is Merkl Hotel, a brothel to which the women of the nightclub bring their clients. We follow the lives of two women from the same poor neighborhood as they try to better themselves during the period of Austrian postwar hyperinflation. They are Marie, who becomes a prostitute, and Grete who does not.


G.W. Pabst


Werner Krauss - Josef Geiringer
Jaro Fürth - Hofrat Rumfort
Greta Garbo - Greta Rumfort
Asta Nielsen - Maria Lechner (Mizzi)
Agnes Esterhazy - Regine
Karl Etlinger - Generaldirektor Rosenow
Henry Stuart
Einar Hanson
Ilka Grüning
Gregori Chmara
Robert Garrison
Alexander Murski
Valeska Gert
Hertha von Walther
Otto Reinwald
Sylvia Torf
Loni Nest
Mario Cusmich
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