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Isn't Life Wonderful (1924)

imdb rating6.8
A family from Poland has been left homeless in the wake of World War I. They move to Germany and struggle to survive the conditions there, during the Great Inflation. Inga (Carol Dempster) is a Polish war orphan who has only accumulated a small amount of money from the rubble and hopes to marry Paul (Neil Hamilton). Weakened by poison gas, Paul begins to invest in Inga's future and he serves as their symbol of optimism.


portraitD. W. Griffith


portraitCarol Dempster - Inga
portraitNeil Hamilton - Paul
portraitErville Alderson - The Professor
portraitHelen Lowell - The Grandmother
portraitMarcia Harris - The Aunt
portraitFrank Puglia - Theodor
portraitLupino Lane - Rudolph
portraitHans Adalbert Schlettow - Leader of the Workers
portraitPaul Rehkopf - Hungry Worker
portraitRobert Scholtz - Hungry Worker
portraitWalter Plimmer - The American
portraitDesha Delteil - Cabaret Dancer
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