Intolerance (1916)

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The story of a poor young woman, separated by prejudice from her husband and baby, is interwoven with tales of intolerance from throughout history.


D. W. Griffith


Lillian Gish - The Woman Who Rocks the Cradle
Mae Marsh - The Dear One (Modern Story)
Robert Harron - The Boy (Modern Story)
F.A. Turner - The Girl's Father (Modern Story)
Sam De Grasse - Arthur Jenkins (Modern Story)
Vera Lewis - Mary T. Jenkins (Modern Story)
Lillian Langdon - Mary, the Mother (Judean Story)
Olga Grey - Mary Magdalene (Judean Story)
Erich von Ritzau - First Pharisee (Judean Story)
Bessie Love - The Bride of Cana (Judean Story)
Margery Wilson - Brown Eyes (French Story)
Eugene Pallette - Prosper Latour (French Story)
Spottiswoode Aitken - Brown Eyes' Father (French Story)
Ruth Handforth - Brown Eyes' Mother (French Story)
Elmer Clifton - The Rhapsode (Babylonian Story)
Seena Owen - Princess Beloved (Attarea) (Babylonian Story)
Carl Stockdale - King Nabonidus (Babylonian Story)
Mary Alden - Uplifter
Pearl Elmore - Uplifter
Julia Mackley - Uplifter
Miriam Cooper - The Friendless One
Walter Long - The Musketeer of the Slums / Babylonian Warrior
Tom Wilson - The Kindly Policeman
Ralph Lewis - The Governor
Lloyd Ingraham - Judge of the Court
John P. McCarthy - Prison Guard
Monte Blue - The Strike Leader
Marguerite Marsh - Debutante
Edward Dillon - Crook
Billy Quirk - Bartender
Howard Gaye - Jesus Christ / Cardinal de Lorraine
William H. Brown - Father of the Bride of Cana / Warden
George Walsh - The Bridegroom of Cana
W.S. Van Dyke - Cana Wedding Guest
Allan Sears - The Mercenary
Frank Bennett - Charles IX
Maxfield Stanley - Henri III
Josephine Crowell - Catherine de M├ędici
Constance Talmadge - Marguerite de Navarre / The Mountain Girl
W.E. Lawrence - Henri de Navarre
Joseph Henabery - L'amiral de Coligny / Defendant
Chandler House - Page
Alfred Paget - Prince Belshazzar
Tully Marshall - High Priest of Bel / Friend of the Musketeer
Dore Davidson - The Friendly Neighbor
Taylor N. Duncan - Captain of the Gateg / Bodyguard of the Princess Beloved
Owen Moore - Extra (uncredited)
Frank Borzage - Extra (uncredited)
Karl Brown - Extra (uncredited)
Frank Campeau - Extra (uncredited)
Constance Collier - Extra (uncredited)
Donald Crisp - Extra (uncredited)
Nigel De Brulier - Extra (uncredited)
Clarence Geldart - Extra (uncredited)
Dell Henderson - Extra (uncredited)
Russell Hicks - Extra (uncredited)
DeWolf Hopper Sr. - Extra (uncredited)
Wilfred Lucas - Extra (uncredited)
Francis McDonald - Extra (uncredited)
Vester Pegg - Extra (uncredited)
Herbert Sutch - Extra (uncredited)
Herbert Beerbohm Tree - Extra (uncredited)
King Vidor - Extra (uncredited)
Hal Wilson - Extra (uncredited)
Tammany Young - Extra (uncredited)
Sylvia Ashton - Woman at Jenkins Employees Dance (uncredited)
Jennie Lee - Woman at Jenkins Employees Dance (uncredited)
George Beranger - Second Priest of Bel (uncredited)
Kitty Bradbury - Jenkins Party Guest (uncredited)
Tod Browning - Crook (uncredited)
Frank Brownlee - The Mountain Girl's Brother (uncredited)
Kate Bruce - Old Babylonian Mother / The City Mother (uncredited)
Edward Burns - Charioteer of the Priest of Bel (uncredited)
Noble Johnson - Babylonian Soldier (uncredited)
George Fawcett - Babylonian Judge (uncredited)
Jewel Carmen - Favorite of the Harem (uncredited)
Carol Dempster - Favorite of the Harem (uncredited)
Mildred Harris - Favorite of the Harem (uncredited)
Daisy Jefferson - Favorite of the Harem (uncredited)
Carmel Myers - Favorite of the Harem (uncredited)
Eve Southern - Favorite of the Harem (uncredited)
Pauline Starke - Favorite of the Harem (uncredited)
Natalie Talmadge - Favorite of the Harem (uncredited)
Ethel Grey Terry - Favorite of the Harem (uncredited)
Francis Carpenter - Child in Epilogue (uncredited)
Virginia Lee Corbin - Child in Epilogue (uncredited)
Peggy Cartwright - Little Girl (uncredited)
Gino Corrado - The Runner (uncredited)
William Courtright - Second Pharisee (uncredited)
Erich von Stroheim - Second Pharisee (uncredited)
Max Davidson - Kindly Neighbor (uncredited)
Douglas Fairbanks - Man on White Horse (uncredited)
Julia Faye - Bit Role (uncredited)
Clyde E. Hopkins - Jenkins's Secretary (uncredited)
Alberta Lee - Wife of The Kindly Neighbor (uncredited)
Elmo Lincoln - The Mighty Man of Valor (uncredited)
Loyola O'Connor - Attarea's Slave (uncredited)
Wallace Reid - Boy Killed in Battle (uncredited)
Alma Rubens - Girl at the Marriage Market (uncredited)
Madame Sul-Te-Wan - Girl at the Marriage Market (uncredited)
George Siegmann - Cyrus (uncredited)
Raymond Wells - Counselor to Charles IX (uncredited)
Winifred Westover - The Favorite of Egibi (uncredited)
David Butler - Babylonian Soldier (uncredited)
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