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Indestructible Man (1956)

imdb rating4.2Rotten Tomatoes rating9%
A scientific experiment involving subjecting a corpse to an extreme charge of electricity accidentally revives an executed criminal and makes him impervious to harm, allowing him to seek revenge on his former partners, and deal similarly with anyone else who gets in his way.


portraitJack Pollexfen


portraitLon Chaney Jr. - Charles "Butcher" Benton
portraitMax Showalter - Richard Chasen
portraitMarian Carr - Eva Martin
portraitRoss Elliott - Paul Lowe
portraitStuart Randall - John Lauder
portraitMarvin Press - "Squeamy" Ellis
portraitKen Terrell - Joe Marcelli
portraitRoy Engle - Desk Sergeant
portraitPeggy Maley - Francine
portraitRobert Shayne - Dr. Bradshaw
portraitJoe Flynn - Bradshaw's Assistant
portraitRobert Foulk - Harry
portraitEddie Marr - "Carney"
portraitMadge Bennett - Drunken Frump
portraitMadge Cleveland - Witness to Ellis's Death
portraitMarjorie Stapp - Jimmy's Girl
portraitRita Greene - Carney's Girl
portraitDorothy Ford - Tall Stripper
portraitLyle Latell - Unconfirmed
portraitRussell Custer - Unconfirmed
portraitFred Rapport - Unconfirmed
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