Honeymoon in Bali (1939)

imdb rating6.4Rotten Tomatoes rating30%
Bill Burnett, a resident of Bali, visits New York City, meets and falls in love with Gail Allen, the successful manager of a Fifth Avenue shop, who is determined to remain free and independent. Bill proposes, Gail declines and Bill goes home to Bali. But a young girl, Rosie, and Tony the Window Cleaner, who dispels advice on every floor, soon have Gail thinking maybe she was a bit hasty with her no to Bill's proposal. Ere long she discovers that she does love Bill and can't live without him. She goes down to Bali to give him the good news. He learns that he is soon to marry Noel Van Ness. She goes back to New York City.


Edward H. Griffith


Fred MacMurray - Bill Burnett
Madeleine Carroll - Gail Allen
Allan Jones - Eric Sinclair
Akim Tamiroff - Tony
Helen Broderick - Lorna "Smitty" Smith
Osa Massen - Noel Van Mess
Carolyn Lee - Rosie
Astrid Allwyn - Fortune Teller
Georgia Caine - Miss Stone
Fritzi Brunette - Secretary
William B. Davidson - Store Detective
Benny Bartlett - Jack
John Qualen - Meek Man (uncredited)
Charles Lane - Photographer (uncredited)
Sam Ash - Toy Seller (uncredited)
Hooper Atchley - Peter (uncredited)
John Bagni - Bali Cab Driver (uncredited)
Jacqueline Dalya - Hat Check Girl (uncredited)
Ethyl May Halls - Gail's Maid (uncredited)
Al Hill - Cab Driver #2 (uncredited)
Gus Kerner - Headwaiter (uncredited)
Connie Leon - Bill's Housekeeper (uncredited)
Thomas Louden - John (uncredited)
Jack Maclennan - Waiter (uncredited)
Wally Maher - Elevator Man (uncredited)
Joyce Mathews - Girl with Umbrella (uncredited)
William H. O'Brien - Doorman (uncredited)
Jack Raymond - Cab Driver #1 (uncredited)
Renie Riano - Head Saleswoman (uncredited)
Wilfred Roberts - Window Dresser (uncredited)
Edward Van Sloan - Priest on Bali (uncredited)
George Walcott - Boat Salesman (uncredited)
Janet Waldo - Fortune Girl's Companion (uncredited)
Luana Walters - Girl Having Her Fortune Told (uncredited)
Monty Woolley - Parker (uncredited)
Johnnie Morris - Office Boy (uncredited)
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