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Hearts of the World (1918)

imdb rating6.5Rotten Tomatoes rating100%
A group of youngsters grow up and love in a peaceful French village. But war intrudes and peace is shattered. The German army invades and occupies village, bringing both destruction and torture. The young people of the village resist, some successfully, others tragically, until French troops retake the town.


portraitD. W. Griffith


portraitLillian Gish - The Girl - Marie Stephenson
portraitRobert Harron - The Boy - Douglas Gordon Hamilton
portraitDorothy Gish - The Little Disturber
portraitAdolph Lestina - The Grandfather
portraitJosephine Crowell - The Mother
portraitJack Cosgrave - The Father of the Boy
portraitKate Bruce - The Mother of the Boy
portraitBen Alexander - The Boy's Littlest Brother
portraitMarion Emmons - The Boy's Other Brother
portraitFrancis Marion - The Boy's Other Brother
portraitRobert Anderson - Monsieur Cuckoo
portraitGeorge Fawcett - The Village Carpenter
portraitGeorge Siegmann - Von Strohm
portraitFay Holderness - The Innkeeper
portraitL. Lowry - A Deaf and Blind Musician
portraitEugene Pouyet - A Poilu
portraitAnna Mae Walthall - A French Peasant Girl
portraitYvette Duvoisin - A Refugee
portraitHerbert Sutch - A French Major
portraitGeorge Nichols - A German Sergeant
portraitMary Gish - A Refugee Mother
portraitMary Hay - A Dancer
portraitErich von Stroheim - A Hun
portraitNoël Coward - The Man with the Wheelbarrow / A Villager in the Streets
portraitLouise Emmons
portraitJohn Harron - A Boy with a Barrel
portraitDavid Lloyd George - Himself
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