Hearts of Humanity (1932)

imdb rating5.9
Genial Irish NYC policeman Tom O'Hara is looking forward to the arrival of his wife and their young son, Shandy from Ireland. Several days before the ship is to dock, O'Hara gets a radiogram informing him that his wife has died at sea. That night a burglar breaks into the Antigue & Second Hand Shop ran by Sol Bloom, directly below O'Hara's flat. The burglar shoots O'Hara, who has rushed to his friend's aid, and, with his last breath he asks Sol to take care of Shandy. When Shandy arrives, Sol immediately makes him a member of the family, which also consists of a very mischievous motherless boy named Joey Bloom, whose pursuits consist of stealing oranges from fruit-dealer Tony, and playing hookey from school. Tom Varney, the young beat cop, is in love with Ruth Sneider, whose mother runs a Cleaning and Dyeling establishment. Ruth, however, is momentarily dazed with worthless Dave Haller.


Christy Cabanne


Jean Hersholt - Sol Bloom
Jackie Searl - Shandy O'Hara
J. Farrell MacDonald - Tom O'Hara
Claudia Dell - Ruth Sneider
Charles Delaney - Tom Varney
Lucille La Verne - Mrs. Sneider
Richard Wallace - Joey Bloom (as Dick Wallace)
John Vosper - Dave Haller (as John Vosburgh)
Tom McGuire - Mr. Wells
Betty Jane Graham - Hilda
George Humbert - Tony
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