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Eternally Yours (1939)

imdb rating5.8Rotten Tomatoes rating31%
Anita, engaged to solid Don Barnes, is swept off her feet by magician Arturo. Before you can say presto, she's his wife and stage assistant on a lengthy world tour. But Anita is annoyed by Arturo's constant flirtations, and his death-defying stunts give her nightmares. And forget her plan to retire to a farmhouse. Eventually, she has had enough and disappears.


portraitTay Garnett


portraitLoretta Young - Anita Halstead
portraitDavid Niven - Tony "The Great Arturo"
portraitBillie Burke - Aunt Abby
portraitC. Aubrey Smith - Bishop Peabody
portraitZasu Pitts - Cary Bingham
portraitBroderick Crawford - Don Burns
portraitEve Arden - Gloria
portraitHugh Herbert - Benton
portraitRaymond Walburn - Harley Bingham
portraitVirginia Field - Lola De Vere
portraitRalph Graves - Mr. Morrisey
portraitLionel Pape - Mr. Howard
portraitFred Keating - Master of Ceremonies
portraitRichard Allen - Detective
portraitGranville Bates - Ship Captain
portraitMay Beatty - Dowager
portraitHillary Brooke - Blonde On Stage
portraitGeorge Cathrey - Officer
portraitPatti Davis - British Pilot
portraitMary Field - Peabody's Housekeeper
portraitBess Flowers - Nightclub Extra (uncredited)
portraitTay Garnett - Pilot
portraitJack Green - Detective
portraitLarry Harris - Boy Boxer
portraitAl Hill - Heckler
portraitLeyland Hodgson - Captain Vickers
portraitArthur Stuart Hull - Audience Extra (uncredited)
portraitDickie Jackson - Boy Boxer
portraitWalter James - Police Official
portraitFrank Jaquet - Doctor
portraitPaul Le Paul - Butler
portraitRalph McCullough - Ship's Officer
portraitDoreen McKay - Girl at Shower (uncredited)
portraitDennie Moore - Waitress
portraitEdmund Mortimer - Nightclub Extra (uncredited)
portraitRalph Norwood - Waiter
portraitWilliam H. O'Brien - Nightclub Waiter
portraitBroderick O'Farrell - Ship's Officer
portraitFranklin Parker - Croupier
portraitClaude Payton - Scotland Yard Man
portraitJack Perrin - Ship's Officer
portraitWalter Sande - Ralph
portraitEdwin Stanley - Reno Lawyer Jones
portraitLarry Steers - Nightclub Extra (uncredited)
portraitEleanor Stewart - Girl at Shower (uncredited)
portraitPatricia Stillman - Girl at Shower (uncredited)
portraitLuana Walters - Girl at Shower (uncredited)
portraitBilly Wayne - Stage Manager
portraitDouglas Wood - Phillips
portraitEvelyn Woodbury - Girl at Shower (uncredited)
portraitJohn Rice - Scotland Yard Man
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