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Eternal Evil (1985)

imdb rating3.6Rotten Tomatoes rating13%
A dissatisfied Montreal director of TV commercials is taught to astrally project himself by a mysterious woman. But soon he finds that he does it against his will when he sleeps, and while he does it, he commits savage acts against those in his life.


portraitGeorge Mihalka


portraitWinston Rekert - Paul Sharpe
portraitKaren Black - Janus
portraitJohn Novak - Kauffman
portraitPatty Talbot - Jennifer Sharpe
portraitVlasta Vrána - Scott
portraitAndrew Bednarski - Matthew Sharpe
portraitBronwen Booth - Isis
portraitTom Rack - Dr. Meister
portraitJoanne Côté - Helen
portraitPhilip Spensley - Bill Pearson
portraitRon Lea - Mick
portraitLois Maxwell - Monica Duval
portraitAnthony Sherwood - Jensen
portraitWalter Massey - John Westmore
portraitRoland Nincheri - Client
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