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Down to Earth (1917)

imdb rating6.3
A healthy outdoors-type follows the girl he loves to a resort for wealthy hypochondriacs. In order to prove to her and the other patients that their "illnesses" are all in their minds, he hatches a scheme to take them on a boat ride, then get them stranded in the wilderness, where he can show them that they can live without their pills, doctors and "cures".


portraitJohn Emerson


portraitDouglas Fairbanks - Billy Gaynor
portraitEileen Percy - Ethel Forsythe
portraitGustav von Seyffertitz - Dr. Jollyem
portraitCharles McHugh - Dr. Samm
portraitCharles K. Gerrard - Charles Riddles - Ethel's Lover
portraitWilliam H. Keith - Mr. Carter
portraitRuth Allen - Mrs. Fuller Jermes
portraitFred Goodwins - Jordan Jinny
portraitFlorence Mayon - Mrs. Phattison Oiles
portraitHerbert Standing - Mr. S.D. Dyspeptic
portraitDavid Porter - Mr. Coffin
portraitBull Montana - Wild Man
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