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Dog Heaven (1927)

imdb rating7.0
Poor Pete the Pup. He wants to hang himself because his master, Joe, has given up playing with him and going fishing for the love of a girl. A dog friend of Pete's stops him in the nick of time, and in flashback Pete tells him of his sorrows; Pete becomes a drunkard and is chased away by Joe. The last straw comes when another dog knocks Joe's sweetheart into a lake and Pete is blamed for it. Will Pete carry through with his suicide or will Joe apologize?


portraitRobert A. McGowan


portraitJoe Cobb - Joe
portraitJackie Condon - Jackie
portraitJean Darling - Jean
portraitAllen 'Farina' Hoskins - Farina
portraitBobby 'Wheezer' Hutchins - Wheezer
portraitMildred Kornman - Mildred
portraitJay R. Smith - Jay
portraitPete the Dog - Pete
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