Dixiana (1930)

imdb rating5.3Rotten Tomatoes rating14%
A circus performer falls in love with the son of a plantation owner in antebellum New Orleans. When the young man's stepmother objects to the wedding, the couple has to decide if they can make their relationship work.


Luther Reed


Bebe Daniels - Dixiana Caldwell
Everett Marshall - Carl Van Horn
Bert Wheeler - Peewee
Robert Woolsey - Ginger Dandy
Joseph Cawthorn - Cornelius Van Horn, Carl's Father
Jobyna Howland - Mrs. Birdie Van Horn
Dorothy Lee - Nanny - Pewee's Girl
Ralf Harolde - Royal Montague
Bill Robinson - Specialty Dancer
Eddy Chandler - Blondell - Montague's Henchman
Bruce Covington - Colonel Porter
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