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Creek (2007)

imdb rating5.6
A group of friends driving to Las Vegas to attend a Horror convention decide to stop at a roadside attraction promising the opportunity to find gold. After being told about the ghosts who haunt the Creek, they head into the woods to test their luck disbelieving what has been told. Soon the friends decide to leave, but their car is missing and the roadside attraction is permanently closed. The only thing left to do is venture back into the woods and search for their car or anyone that could help, but after one friend finds hidden gold the ghosts of the Creek begins to stalk the group out of vengeance.


portraitLola Wallace


portraitCassie Jaye - Megan
portraitAaron Leddick - Charlie
portraitJill Slattery - Sinthia
portraitBrett Hundley - AJ
portraitJay Costelo - Ben
portraitErin Fleming - Elizabeth
portraitWard Roberts - Thomas
portraitJohn Karyus - Pickaxe Pete
portraitDavid Reynolds - Buck
portraitAmanda Ward - Sugar
portraitCaleb Emerson - Lucky Cole
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