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Cracking the Shakespeare Code (2016)

imdb rating8.0
Norwegian researcher Petter Amundsen claims to have deciphered a secret code hidden in legendary playwright William Shakespeare's works that reveals a map leading to the location of certain treasures. British Shakespearean scholar Robert Crumpton embarks on a mission to prove he is spectacularly wrong. (A remake of “Shakespeare: The Hidden Truth,” including new discoveries.)


portraitJørgen Friberg


portraitRobert Crumpton - Himself - Shakespearean Scholar / Narrator (voice)
portraitPetter Amundsen - Himself - Researcher
portraitStanley Wells - Himself - Shakespearean Scholar
portraitTobias Churton - Himself - Rosicrucianism Scholar
portraitJola Sigmond - Himself - Typographer
portraitWynard Baerken - Himself - Marine Archaeologist
portraitRick Lagina - Himself - Oak Island Landowner
portraitSteve Zazulyk - Himself - Metal Detectorist
portraitTony Sampson - Himself - Diver
portraitErlend Loe - Himself - Writer (archive footage)
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