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Conrad in Quest of His Youth (1920)

imdb rating6.9
Conrad Warrener, a man of near middle-age, reflects nostalgically on the happy times of his youth and decides to recapture them. However, what he learns about the "second time around" is neither what he expected nor what he hoped for.


portraitWilliam C. de Mille


portraitThomas Meighan - Conrad Warrener
portraitMabel Van Buren - Nina
portraitMayme Kelso - Gina
portraitBertram Johns - Ted
portraitMargaret Loomis - Roslind
portraitSylvia Ashton - Mary Page
portraitKathlyn Williams - Mrs. Adaile
portraitCharles Ogle - Dobson
portraitRuth Renick - Tattie
portraitA. Edward Sutherland - Conrad at 17
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