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Children of Eve (1915)

imdb rating6.4
CHILDREN OF EVE (1915; dir: John Collins) is most famous today for its detailed reenactment of the tragic fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in 1911, which had become a symbol of unsafe working conditions and capital's apparent disregard for labor. Viola Dana stars as an illegitimate child of the slums who labors in an oppressive canning company, not realizing she has a significant connection to the cold-hearted factory owner. This special edition includes outtake footage of the sensational fire scene, for which the Edison Studios set an actual four-story factory ablaze.


portraitJohn H. Collins


portraitViola Dana - Fifty-Fifty Mamie
portraitRobert Conness - Henry Clay Madison
portraitTom Blake - Bennie the Typ (as Thomas F. Blake)
portraitNellie Grant - Flossy Wilson
portraitRobert Walker - Bert Madison
portraitWilliam Wadsworth - Peddler
portraitJames Harris - Mill Foreman
portraitHubert Dawley - Bobbie Roche
portraitWarren Cook - Doctor
portraitBrad Sutton - Bouncer
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