Child Bride (1938)

imdb rating4.5Rotten Tomatoes rating13%
Jennie is a twelve-year-old girl living with her parents in extremely rural mountain country. Her schoolteacher, Miss Carol, though a mountain girl herself, has gone off to be educated and returned in hopes of stopping the tradition of child marriage which permeates the culture. Jennie's father Ira is a good man who tries to protect Miss Carol from the men who threaten her if she doesn't call off her crusade. One of these men, Jake Bolby, has his eye on little Jennie and plots to make her his bride.


Harry Revier


Shirley Mills - Jennie
Bob Bollinger - Freddie
Warner Richmond - Jake Bolby
Diana Durrell - Miss Carol
Dorothy Carrol - Ma Colton
George Humphreys - Ira Colton
Frank Martin - Charles
Angelo Rossitto - Angelo
Al Bannon - Happy
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