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The Vagabond (1916)

imdb rating6.9
After passing the hat and taking the donations intended for German street musicians Charlie heads for the country. Here he finds and rescues a girl from a band of gypsies. The girl falls in love with an artist whose portrait is later seen in a shop by the girl's real mother. The mother and the artist arrive in a chauffeured auto and offer Charlie money for his services, money which he rejects.


portraitCharlie Chaplin


portraitCharlie Chaplin - Street Musician
portraitEdna Purviance - Girl Stolen by Gypsies
portraitEric Campbell - Gypsy Chieftain
portraitCharlotte Mineau - The Girl's Mother
portraitPhyllis Allen - (uncredited)
portraitAlbert Austin - Trombonist (uncredited)
portraitLloyd Bacon - Artist (uncredited)
portraitHenry Bergman - (uncredited)
portraitFrank J. Coleman - Gypsy and Musician (uncredited)
portraitJames T. Kelley - Gypsy and Musician (uncredited)
portraitJohn Rand - Trumpeter & Band Leader (uncredited)
portraitLeo White - Old Jew / Gypsy Woman (uncredited)
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