Charlie Chaplin's 'Charlie Shanghaied' (1915)

imdb rating6.2
A shipowner intends to scuttle his ship on its last voyage to get the insurance money. Charlie, a tramp in love with the owner's daughter, is grabbed by the captain and promises to help him shanghai some seamen. The daughter stows away to follow Charlie. Charlie assists in the galley and attempts to serve food during a gale.


Charlie Chaplin


Charlie Chaplin - Tramp
Edna Purviance - Daughter of the Shipowner
Wesley Ruggles - Shipowner
Bud Jamison - Second Mate, The Other Man
Billy Armstrong - First Shanghaied Seaman
Paddy McGuire - Second Shanghaied Seaman
Leo White - Third Shanghaied Seaman
John Rand - Ship's Cook
Fred Goodwins - Cabin Boy in Coveralls
Lee Hill - Sailor in Rain Hat
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