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Capital Punishment (1925)

imdb rating5.7
This is not a Clara Bow vehicle, and yet it is clearly the aspect/asset of Clara Bow which elevates a fairly serious melodrama to a timeless and profound social statement. Opening the film on death row where the handsome youth awaits the chair, a stirring test of the legal system evolves after two elite types conspire to expose its inadequacies. Elite, jaded society lawyer Gordon Harrington fabricates a murder, implicating an entirely "hired" fall-guy, one Dan O'Connor, while the bored playboy-type hides away on a yacht until the points are proven and the legal system has been disgraced. Naturally, something goes wrong, the playboy really turns up murdered, and O'Connor is now the accused, imprisoned murderer scheduled to be hanged.


portraitJames P. Hogan


portraitClara Bow - Delia Tate
portraitGeorge Hackathorne - Dan OConnor
portraitElliott Dexter
portraitMargaret Livingston
portraitEddie Phillips
portraitAlec B. Francis
portraitEdith Yorke
portraitJoseph Kilgour
portraitGeorge Nichols
portraitJohn T. Prince
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