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Blood Legend (2006)

imdb rating2.6Rotten Tomatoes rating0%
A young witch gathers her coven to methodically fulfill her uncle's demands to help resurrect a demon lover from centuries past. Believing that she has completed her tasks she waits for the resurrection and her eternal rewards only to find neither are really what she expected. The resurrected lover is not exactly the beautiful woman her uncle talked of in years past and the rewards her uncle had in mind for her are not made of a princes' fairy tales. The young witch finds the real truth of the "Blood Lengend".


portraitRusty Nelson


portraitRandal Malone - Isaac
portraitSyn DeVil - Moira
portraitJeff Dylan Graham - Caleb
portraitHeather Jacobsen - Diana
portraitGarrett Clancy - Professor Barr
portraitEric Coffin - Brian
portraitGregor Collins - Clark
portraitJo-Anne Krupa - Rachel
portraitMara Marini - Mary
portraitJed Rowen - Harry
portraitMitch Toles - Clergyman
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