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Bleeding Hearts (2013)

imdb rating3.7Rotten Tomatoes rating0%Metacritic rating0%
Captured Hearts, an insane serial killer/horror film, is a heart-jumping, heart-crushing - truly demented - roller coaster ride of mystery, violence, sex and gore. With a raging, climatic twist, all hearts end up in one place. And it's not where they're supposed to be.


portraitDylan Bank


portraitRobert Loggia - Sheriff Wilson
portraitCharles Durning - Santa Claus
portraitTony Todd - God
portraitDustin Diamond - Oliver Jaffe
portraitWilson Jermaine Heredia - Satan
portraitRachael Robbins - Leslie Van Houten
portraitSuzi Lorraine - Candy Van Houten
portraitKen Del Vecchio - Judge DeMitro
portraitMelantha Blackthorne - Susan Van Houten
portraitSeregon O'Dassey - Rosalie Van Houten
portraitJamie White - Patricia Van Houten
portraitDennis L.A. White - Chris Walker
portraitDeirdre Lorenz - Carly
portraitRich Lounello - Frank Frisch
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