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Anna 2 (2019)

imdb rating2.7
Starring Justin Duncan, Gerald Crum, Mercedes Peterson and John Charles Dickson. The Stars of two competing and colliding paranormal television shows converge on an abandoned haunted amusement park which ends up being the epicenter to hell. They are now all trapped - in an all out war against pure evil.


portraitMichael Crum


portraitMercedes Peterson - Lace
portraitKenzie Pallone - Anya
portraitJustin Duncan - Jacob
portraitGerald Crum - Shawn
portraitJohn Charles Dickson - Rob
portraitDaniel Frank - Alec / Vincent
portraitShanon Snedden - Lost Girl
portraitVandi Clark - Medium
portraitCole Thomas Crum - Playground Child
portraitJames D. Pruitt - Waiter / Monster 1
portraitMark E. Howell - Nestor / Monster 2
portraitMegan Yarbrough - Monster 3
portraitToben Row - Monster 4
portraitMichael Cavazos - Monster 5
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