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Algiers (1938)

imdb rating6.7Rotten Tomatoes rating61%
Pepe Le Moko is a notorious thief, who escaped from France. Since his escape, Moko became a resident and leader of the immense Casbah of Algiers. French officials arrive insisting on Pepe's capture are met with unfazed local detectives, led by Inspector Slimane, who are biding their time. Meanwhile, Pepe meets the beautiful Gaby , which arouses the jealousy of Ines


portraitJohn Cromwell


portraitCharles Boyer - Pepe le Moko
portraitSigrid Gurie - Ines
portraitHedy Lamarr - Gaby
portraitJoseph Calleia - Inspector Slimane
portraitAlan Hale - Grandpere
portraitGene Lockhart - Regis
portraitWalter Kingsford - Chef Inspector Louvain
portraitPaul Harvey - Commissioner Janvier
portraitStanley Fields - Carlos
portraitJohnny Downs - Pierrot
portraitCharles D. Brown - Max
portraitRobert Greig - Giraux
portraitLeonid Kinskey - L'Arbi
portraitJoan Woodbury - Aicha
portraitNina Koshetz - Tania
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