A Stranger in Town (1943)

imdb rating7.1Rotten Tomatoes rating62%
In the small town of Crownport local attorney Bill Adams is trying to break up the ring of corrupt town officials by running for mayor. The cards seemed stacked against him when he gets help from a visiting hunter who, unknown to Adams and the rest of the town, is actually vacationing supreme court justice John Josephus Grant.


Roy Rowland


Frank Morgan - John Josephus Grant
Richard Carlson - Bill Adams
Jean Rogers - Lucy Gilbert
Porter Hall - Judge Austin Harkley
Robert Barrat - Mayor Jim Connison
Donald MacBride - Vinnie Zephyr Blaxton
Walter Baldwin - Tom Cooney
Andrew Tombes - Roscoe Swade
Olin Howland - Homer Todds
Irving Bacon - Orin Todds
Chill Wills - Charles Craig
Eddie Dunn - Henry
Gladys Blake - Birdie
John Hodiak - Hart Ridges
Edward Keane - Blaxton's Lawyer
Robert Homans - Sergeant
Joe Yule - Barber
Fern Emmett - Hotel Maid
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