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A Star Is Born (1937)

imdb rating7.3Rotten Tomatoes rating100%Metacritic rating77%
Esther Blodgett is just another starry-eyed farm kid trying to break into the movies. Waitressing at a Hollywood party, she catches the eye of her idol Norman Maine, is sent for a screen test, and before long attains stardom as newly minted Vicki Lester. She and Norman marry, though his career soon dwindles to nothing due to his chronic alcoholism.


portraitWilliam A. Wellman


portraitJanet Gaynor - Esther Blodgett aka Vicki Lester
portraitFredric March - Norman Maine
portraitAdolphe Menjou - Oliver Niles
portraitMay Robson - Grandmother Lettie Blodgett
portraitAndy Devine - Daniel 'Danny' McGuire
portraitLionel Stander - Matt Libby
portraitOwen Moore - Director Casey Burke
portraitPeggy Wood - Central Casting Clerk Miss Phillips
portraitElizabeth Jenns - Anita Regis
portraitEdgar Kennedy - Pop Randall the Landlord
portraitJ. C. Nugent - Mr. Blodgett
portraitGuinn Williams - Posture Coach
portraitIrving Bacon - Station Agent (uncredited)
portraitJane Barnes - Waitress #1 (uncredited)
portraitClara Blandick - Aunt Mattie (uncredited)
portraitWade Boteler - Santa Anita Cop (uncredited)
portraitSidney Bracey - Burke's Butler (uncredited)
portraitHarry C. Bradley - Niles' Assistant (uncredited)
portraitGeorge Chandler - Deliveryman (uncredited)
portraitPat Flaherty - Cuddles (uncredited)
portraitFrancis Ford - William Gregory (uncredited)
portraitJoe Gray - Garcia (uncredited)
portraitJonathan Hale - Judge George J. Parris (uncredited)
portraitChuck Hamilton - Cop Outside Courtroom (uncredited)
portraitLillian Harmer - Wardrobe Woman (uncredited)
portraitEdward Hearn - Sanitarium Attendant (uncredited)
portraitI. Stanford Jolley - Boxing Ringside Spectator (uncredited)
portraitCarole Landis - Girl in Beret at Santa Anita Bar (uncredited)
portraitChris-Pin Martin - José Rodriguez (uncredited)
portraitEdwin Maxwell - Vocal Coach (uncredited)
portraitMarshall Neilan - Bert (uncredited)
portraitDavid Newell - Sam (uncredited)
portraitRobert Emmett O'Connor - Santa Anita Clubhouse Bartender (uncredited)
portraitDennis O'Keefe - Burke's Party Guest (uncredited)
portraitFranklin Pangborn - Billy Moon (uncredited)
portraitJed Prouty - Artie Carver (uncredited)
portraitTom Ricketts - Ray (uncredited)
portraitPaul Stanton - Academy Award Presenter (uncredited)
portraitFred 'Snowflake' Toones - Black Witness (uncredited)
portraitClarence Wilson - Justice of the Peace (uncredited)
portraitA.W. Sweatt - Aleck Blodgett
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