A Fool There Was (1915)

imdb rating5.8Rotten Tomatoes rating83%
John Schuyler, a happily married lawyer, is appointed diplomat and sent to England; but, due to an unfortunate accident, his wife and child can not come along with him. Then, on the ship, he meets the Vampire, a notorious woman, a relentless gold digger, who lives off men whom seduces and ruins.


Frank Powell


Theda Bara - The Vampire
Edward José - The Husband
Mabel Frenyear - The Wife
May Allison - The Wife's Sister
Runa Hodges - The Child
Clifford Bruce - The Friend
Frank Powell - The Doctor
Minna Gale - The Doctor's Fiancee
Victor Benoit - One of Her Victims
Creighton Hale - Minor Role
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